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Opawa Simmentals is the pride and joy of David and Jayne Timperley and is located in Albury, South Canterbury.

The Simmental breed is one of the oldest and most widely distributed breed of cattle in the world. Officially the first “herd” originated in Switzerland in the very early 1800s, although there are records that predate this.

As early as 1785, the Swiss Parliament limited exports because of a shortage of cattle to meet their own needs. The Swiss “Red and White Spotted Simmental Cattle Association” was formed in 1890.

Simmentals can be found on all six continents and numbers are estimated between 40 and 60 million cattle world-wide – most in Europe.

The breed is known by a variety of names, including “Fleckvieh” in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as many other European countries.”Pie Rouge”, “Montbeliard”, and “Abondance” in France; and “Pezzata Rossa” in Italy.

The Simmental name is derived from their original location, the Simme Valley of Switzerland. In German, Thal or Tal means valley, thus the name literally means “Simme Valley”.

Opawa Simmental

76 Wilfred Road,


CAVE, South Canterbury.

To get here, turn on to Mount Nessing Road from Albury Village. Wilfred Road is 9.7 kms on your right and Opawa Simmentals is a further 850metre down Wilfred Road (on the right).